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We assist clients with cross border regulatory affairs, dossiers and product selection. Discover our full range of services below.

Healthcare Solutions that move you forward.

Our deep understanding of various in-country pharmaceutical regulatory requirements give us the edge when assisting clients who require expert advice. We provide guidance and strategic thinking to manufacturers on their in-country dossier and tender requirements and are experts in tender participation.

We are based in South Africa with a presence in Southern Africa through a network of alliance partners who have a thorough understanding of local market conditions. Through our extensive distribution network, Mintedge has become a leading provider of a wide range of healthcare services aimed at benefiting those most in need at the same time adding value to it’s partners. 

Our motto of being Your Partner in Healthcare Solutions is fundamental to the Mission and Vision of the organisation.

Our activities that support your goals

Participation in Tenders and Buy-outs

Private market sales and distribution

Regulatory advise and consultancy

In-Country support

Business and GAP Analysis of existing entities

GMP Audit to ensure conformance to SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) requirements

Commercial due diligence based on product basket and analysis thereof for product life-cycle and competitor presence

Utilisation of IMS data as well as tender data to identify products of interest

Liaison with business development teams to ensure regulatory efforts, post registration and commercial activities are implemented


Owner (B Pharm)

Leverage our deep industry knowledge

Sathvir has 18 years of experience in the Southern African market. He has an in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements of the various countries. Sathvir has also worked with various companies from India, Europe and South East Asia. He is in a position to provide advise in terms of product selection and regulatory requirements and will guide prospective manufacturers in terms of their dossiers for the various countries. Sathvir also has extensive knowledge on the tender requirements of various countries and strategic means of participation.

Benefits when partnering with us...

Business Development

Mintedge has a focus of business development and building partnerships which are mutually rewarding. Prompt and efficient communication as well as commitment is an essential element of building such relationships 

Product Exclusivity

We work on product exclusive basis so as to give our principals the focus on developing their products in the region. In this way, we do not promote one brand over another and our principals can be rest assured that all aspects of their products are being catered for.

Country Specific Expertise

Extensive network within the region and knowledge of country requirements for regulatory as well as post registration business activities

Level 1 BBBEE

Level 1 BBBEE Contributor will ensure an advantage with regards to public procurement initiatives 


Pharmaceuticals, complementary products, medical devices, food supplements and medical consumables.


Tenders and buy-outs, regulatory advice, gap analysis and assistance with conformance to South African MCC requirements. Sales, distribution and identifying products of interest.


South Africa, Botswana
Namibia, Zambia
Zimbabwe, Mauritius